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Dr. Ahed is a meticulous artist in the field of dentistry! by G. Patty - Tinley Park, IL - 07/1/2015

  • Dr. A Ahed is a meticulous artist in the field of dentistry. The ability to fit a crown over an implant with a precise and accurate fit is a dentistry feat not accomplished by all. Despite being in his speciality for many years, Dr. Ahed still has the enthusiasm of a younger man just entering the field. May he never lose that gift!

Dr. Ahed is a great dentist! by Mary W. - Chicago, IL - 03/18/2015

  • Dr. Ahed is a great dentist! He has been my dentist since 2003. He did such a great job with my dentures that I returned for more. He is pleasant, courteous and friendly. He really knows his job.
    Great Dentist!

They took me within 1 hour of calling! by Jessica K. - Palos Hills, IL - 03/17/2015

  • Painless emergency dentist took me within an hour of me calling saying I was in pain. They helped me on the spot. With a week of healing, I'm so much better thanks to them! Any other dentist I called couldn't take me for a couple days! Painless emergency dentist took me that same day, it was great!

The entire procedure was painless! by Erin G. - Palos Hills, IL - 03/09/2015

  • I had a cracked molar for a few months that had been bothering me. I had been putting off seeing a dentist until I could not wait any longer. I was having a hard time finding a dentist that could see me at a later hour of the day. I called Dr. Ahed and he accommodated my schedule perfectly! Dr. Ahed and his associate were very professional with a calming and comforting demeanour. He explained my options in detail and I ended up having the tooth removed. I was a little nervous but he assured me that everything would be ok and he set my mind at ease. The entire procedure was painless and went smoothly. I would definitely recommend this dentist and will return to him myself as well.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Ahed! by Stevie A. - Chicago, IL - 3/4/2015

  • I had a horrible experience at another dentist that tried to remove my tooth when it should have not been removed. I was sent home in massive pain with a half pulled and half cracked tooth. I called Dr. Ahed and they were able to get me in right away . They made sure I was not in any pain and was as comfortable as possible and removed the damaged tooth. It was a good experienced and they were very kind and informative. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ahed.

I will refer you! by Brian M. - Worth, IL - 11/13/2014

  • Thank you Dr Ahed. I recieved the insurance difference today. So far so good on the tooth! I will refer your services acrossvthe board at my Union hall!

Really was painless! by Christine E. - Orland Park, IL - 6/27/2014

  • I had an appointment with Dr. Ahed a few weeks ago. He had to replace a broken tooth with a cap. The entire procedure was painless! Dr. Ahed is a wonderful doctor. I have been going to him for more than seven years!

Sunday Dentist! by Le'sean W. - North of Chicago, IL - 4/25/2014

  • I really needed a dentist because I neglected to take care of a tooth that had been bothering me for a while. I found the most excellent dentist on a SUNDAY! Yes, really SUNDAY!! He was great and I would recommend that everyone use this Dentist, regardless of where you live. 7441 SouthWest Hwy, Worth, IL. is not too far when you need a really good dentist! I will be using this dental office for a long time. I am happy and smiling again!!!

I changed dentists and stayed with him! by Jim J. - New Lenox, IL - 3/11/2014

  • Back in June of 2013, I developed the worst tooth ache ever. With my dentist out of town and no place to turn I opened the yellow pages and found Dr. Ahed at Painless Emergency Dentist in Worth, 7441 Southwest Highway. Dr. Ahed went to work and pulled the bad tooth. Having seen the compassion and expertise he showed in his field I changed dentists and stayed with him. For the last year and a half Dr. Ahed has cared for my needs including cleanings, extractions, and most recently a dental implant. Dr. Ahed demands perfection in referral, both oral surgeon and dental lab: my dental implant is perfect! I had to suffer the worst pain over a year ago to get the best dentist, thank you DOCTOR AHED!

The search for a great dentist is over! by Raven W. - Worth, IL - 9/17/2013

  • I was searching for a new dentist because I really didn't have much faith in the dentist I was seeing before. I wanted to have the best use of my short insurance dollars and it always seemed like my dental health was getting worse even with me going there ALL THE TIME! I found Dr. Ahed by searching online. I was pleased that I was able to get the most important work done ASAP in addition to being educated on the why and how. And it fit in with my insurance coverage! Oh, and it was actually painless! I can tell when someone loves their work and takes pride in what they do, and Dr. Ahed does just that. My expectations were exceeded, and I will be returning for the rest of my dental care.

Most awesome experience with a dentist! by Neila A. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 9/6/2013

  • I have had the most awesome experience with a dentist. Yes, it sounds strange that someone would say they've had an awesome experience with a dentist, but it's true. Dr. Ahed, D.D.S., is one of the best! I have never had a more at ease undertaking with a dentist as I have with Dr. Ahed. Not only is he good at what he does, he is also caring, compassionate, and kind. He also offers the best customer service anyone could imagine. I mean this Dr. calls you the same day that you have your work done by him to make sure everything is alright with you. What a Doc! If you need a dentist and can't find one, please call Dr. Ahed at (708) 448-0468. You'll be glad you did. I sure was and will continue to see him. Thanks Ever So Much Neila A.

They saw me right away! by Brandy S. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 7/22/2013

  • I highly recommend Dr. A. Ahed at Painless Emergency Dentist In Worth, IL. He and his staff are very friendly, they were able to fit me in for an appointment right away, and as soon as I arrived they were ready to put me in a room it was wonderful to be seen right away and not to have to sit in the waiting room for a long time. They explained everything that he was going to do and They made me feel completely comfortable before, during and after the procedure, he is the best dentist around the Chicago/suburbs area. Brandy S.

I wish I found Dr. Ahed a long time ago! by Lanoris Y. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 7/11/2013

  • Wow I wish I would have found Dr A Ahed a long time ago! I went in at 11:00, was seen at 11:00, very great service, very professional, I will be back! Oh yea! No pain at all!!! Thanks Dr Ahed! Lanoris Y.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Emergency! by Samantha S. - Tinley Park, IL - 6/5/2013

  • I had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Ahed and his assistant today. My wisdom tooth had become impacted which caused a very painful and swollen infection. I called early at 7 am to leave a message and to my surprise Dr. Ahed picked up and assured me he could be of assistance and took me in right away at 9:15 am. During the process I was very comfortable and felt as though I was in good hands. During the extraction I received numbing treatment and gas. I am in some pain due to the severity of the tooth infection but swelling is minimal and he provided me with medication for the pain. Dr. Ahed was truly a lifesaver I would recommend him to anyone especially in dental emergencies. Samantha S

Explains everything thoroughly! by Robert B. - Mokena, IL - 5/24/2013

  • I have gone to Dr. Ahed for years. He explains everything thoroughly and takes the time to be sure that the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure. He is also very accommodating when it comes to scheduling. I would recommend him without hesitation. Dr. Ahed's emergency dental office is located at 7441 Southwest Highway, in Worth. He can be reached by phone at 708-448-0468. Robert B.

A kind, caring professional! by Pamela W. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 5/24/2013

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Ahed for 15 years. I find him to be a kind, caring professional. He has seen me through many major dental procedures, always making time for me, even on a Sunday. I recommed him to anyone looking for a GOOD dentist.

My family feels so comfortable! by Suzanne H. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 5/23/2013

  • Dr. Ahed has been my dentist since I was a young child and I would never want to go anywhere else. We drive over an hour to continue going there. I trust him completely with my husband and five children. He and his wife continually go above and beyond and my family feels so comfortable there. We could never find the personable, professional, and timely care anywhere else. Dr. Ahed and his wife are the very best! I recommend him fully and with no hesitation.

A remarkable job! by Charles H. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 5/22/2013

  • Dr. Ahed has been my dentist for 15 years. He and his wife have done a remarkable job working on my teeth. I had not seen a dentist for several year before I came into the office 15 years ago. Since I first visited I had an assortment of work done on my mouth, most recently, a root canal. Dr. Ahed takes pride in his work. He does a complete job, always gives his best, and you leave assured that you will not be back for the same problem. His passion for his work is evident with every visit. With deep cavities, a root canal, and a tooth extraction, I have never felt significant pain during any of these procedures. With all the bad experiences people can have with dentists, Dr. Ahed and his wife are a bright light. They are incredible people who care deeply about the profession and their patients. I would recommend Dr. Ahed to everyone. - Chuck H.

My dentist for over 40 years! by Jim Rossi., Oak Forest, IL 05/02/2013

  • I've read the other comments and would like to add some reinforcement to what has already been said. I know that the praise expressed by all the others is absolutely true. I can't recall how he and I connected; he was a young dentist, and I a young engineer in the early 70's. I needed my entire mouth rebuilt due to complete neglect on my part during my teenage years. As someone mentioned, I believe he was at a clinic at that time, and getting assigned to him was the best luck I ever had. What impresses me most is that all that work, performed in the early 70's is still working, solid and strong. And after all these years, I still have all my teeth, feeling good, & working fine. Dr Ahed takes great pride in his work and will NOT stand for inferior quality, even demanding excellence from his material suppliers. My most recent root canal was performed on a "calcified" tooth that was not a pleasant experience for him or me. It's now performing greatly and I know there are other dentists that would have just "removed" the problem tooth. He does indeed take great care in preserving the structure of the original tooth. I too hate pain, and gag on large items in my mouth. He takes extraordinary steps to address both issues for me. As mentioned by someone else: "Your appointment time is the time they expect you to be in the chair" After 40 years, I can't ever recall when I wasn't in the chair at the appointed time. His office is great, easy to get to, and has a very nice parking lot. I'd recommend him to anyone. My wife, mother-in-law, children and grand-children are all patients of his.

Emergency Case On Sunday! by Brenda W. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 3/03/2013

  • I found Dr. Ahed online under emergency dental care in or near Chicago. I called Dr. Ahed about 10pm on Saturday night. He said he could attend to my needs the following morning, which was a Sunday. When I met him at the office and we began talking, I was pleased, he was very pleasant. At first I was nervous, but he calmed my fears and explained the procedures that I needed in detail. I experienced minimal pain and the fee for services was reasonable. I was very happy with the work that was done Since Dr. Ahed was available for my emergency case on Sunday, I didn't have to miss work on Monday. Dr Ahed and his staff were very professional and friendly. I will definitely return for subsequent care, and will highly recommend him to my family and friends. Most grateful, Brenda W.

My dentist for over 35 years! by Nancy D. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 2/23/2013

  • I've been a patient of Dr. Ahed for over 35 years. His professionalism, compassion and attention to detail keep me coming back. His gentle approach is a comfort to his patients. And I have always appreciated his availability whenever I have a dental problem.

Performing dentistry in a caring, knowledgeable and professional manner by Retired LT. Gary S. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 12/15/2012

  • Dr Ahed has been my dentist for the past 20 years. I was able to contact him on a Sunday morning at a time when I was in horrible pain with a badly swollen jaw and infected tooth. I attempted to contact a dentist I had been a patient of for years and only got a recording with no call back. After trying to contact several other dentists with no response, I contacted a local hospital emergency room who gave me Dr. Ahed's phone number. I called Dr. Ahed's number and the phone was answered. Once I explained my condition, Dr. Ahed had me in his office and was treating me within 2 hours. He relieved the pain and swelling by treating me for an abscessed tooth. Within the next several days the infection was gone and he performed a root canal with the required procedures for a crown on that tooth. That crown is still in place and trouble free 20 years later. He has been my family dentist ever since. I highly recommend Dr. Ahed for emergency care or general dentistry. He only uses the finest dental tools and products while performing his dentistry in a caring, knowledgeable and professional manner.

The most gentle dentist I've ever had! by Ted B. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 12/11/2012

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Ahed since 1975 when he worked at a dental clinic. Back then, you became a patient of whatever dentist was available. I was lucky to end up with Dr. Ahed who knew his profession very well and was the most gentle dentist I've ever had. When he was able to move on and have his own dental office, I followed him there and have been with him for probably 30 years now. I (and my good dental health, too!) am so glad for that record!

This is the place! by Carolyn G. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 10/10/2012

  • I cracked a tooth and was using a temporary filling in it while looking for a dentist. When I found this dentist, it seemed too good to be true. Great prices and great reviews. But they were all true! He used some kind of numbing agent before the Novocain, so I didn't even feel the shot. I had a difficult extraction, but all went smooth, even the healing. Very nice people, and a wonderful dentist. I know where I'm going from now on.

NO MORE FEAR! by Christine J. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 6/23/2012

  • My entire life I've had a fear of dentists. After several brave attempts through the years, I just gave up and regrettably, ignored dental care. I developed painful infections, tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, as bad as it gets. I couldn't ignore the pain any longer and found Dr. Ahed online. He was willing to see me at a moments notice, made sure I was out of pain, and extracted the worst of many teeth causing me problems. I had literally lost my smile. Dr Ahed is being modest about his talents. After many visits, 13 painless extractions, bone grafting, 4 root canals, custom bridge work, custom partial plate, full upper plate, I have a smile that would knock your socks off! Dr Ahed saved my outlook on life, gave me what I've been missing my entire adult life. His wife is wonderful, caring, his perfect partner in the office. On Saturday, June 23, 2012, I walked out of Dr Ahed's office with my smile. The upper plate fits so perfectly, no adhesive is needed. I can't even tell the bottom partial is there! He is meticulous, thorough, and if you're not happy, he isn't happy. "We specialize in extractions" is an understatement. Dr Ahed can rebuild an entire set of teeth and make them look real and fit comfortably! I've seen some dentists in my time, that's probably why I gave up! Most didn't even care how they performed their work, how long the work lasted, just another dollar sign walking in the door. Dr Ahed put his heart and soul in to the work he did for me. I owe him and his wonderful wife a debt I can never repay. Kudo's to you Dr Ahed!!

The best dentist EVER! by James B. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 12/8/2011

  • By far the best dentist I have ever been to. He took me right away! His office is so clean! For some reason, I never ever get numb... Dr. Ahed laughed and said, "You will be numb in my office!" Within minutes of giving me an injection I was numb! I couldn't believe it! I was so happy! When I asked him why I never get numb with the other dentists, he said, Anatomy was his favorite subject... He really knows exactly where to give the injection. The shot didn't even hurt at all either! This guy really knows what he is doing! Since he does his extractions surgically, he was able to pop that tooth right out! NO MORE PAIN! I healed up so fast too! I didn't even need to take any pain pills! I recommend this dentist to everyone! All of my family and friends have started to go see Dr. Ahed. Every single one of them thanks me for recommending him! Thank you so much Dr. Ahed! You are the best emergency dentist in the Chicagoland area!

Our Family Dentist for over 30 years! by Kathy M. - Chicagoland Area, IL - 06/16/2011

  • For the past 30 years our family has been loyal custormers of Dr. Ahed. Even now, our grown children still use Dr. Ahed as their dentist. Over the years he has performed a variety of dental procedures to perfection. We have been extremely pleased with Dr. Ahed's sevice and can happily recommend him.

Job Well Done! by Tom D. - Oak Lawn, IL - 05/26/2011

  • I don't write letters much... but Dr. Ahed deserves a pat on the back for a job well done! I first went to his office with a bad tooth ache and was surprised when his wife said come right in! He pulled it with very little pain. Since then I have had more extractions. When I could afford them, sometimes 5 at a time when he said he was done I thought he only pulled 2. I trusted the doctor so much, I had him make full dentures and he did a great job. I would recommend him and his wife who also helps, they keep the office spotless they are friendly and they don't keep you waiting! You leave with a good feeling.

5 Stars!!! by Sterling A. - Chicago, IL - 05/1/2011

  • I feel kind of funny giving a dentist 5 stars, since I hate going to dentists. I'm also not worried that if I write a good review it'll be hard to get an appointment because they are open until freakin' Midnight! No more taking off work or waiting months to see a dentist! This is a great office for emergency care. They also do regular checkups and cleanings. Same day service with a smile! It is family run. A friendly Indian man with a great sense of humor and his wife make sure you're comfortable and taken care of. He is very well trained and does top-notch work! Plus it's the only place where they actually use the suction properly. I didn't have one piece fall down my throat. My previous dentist never capped my root canal, so recently the tooth dried and cracked in half. Painless Emergency Dentist to the rescue! I called and they said I could be seen in a half hour! Not only that, but there was NO WAIT. Your appointment time is the time they expect you to be in the chair. They don't double book or anything! The dentist devotes his attention to you from the time you sit down, until you leave. My previous dentist would shoot you up with novocaine, then leave and work on another patient, and keep doing it throughout the visit. This dentist doesn't leave your side until you're done! They explain your options, the cost of each option, and the advantages and disadvantages of them. I ended up having to have a double crown, which you can't even tell is a crown! It just looks like normal teeth! He was also cheaper than my previous dentist. This is now my regular dental office"

Truly Painless Emergency Dentist by William - Chicago, IL - 04/10/2011

  • I had a FANTASTIC experience with Dr. Ahed. I came into his office in serious pain with a broken wisdom tooth. Dr. Ahed's painless procedure worked for me! Post-surgery, I had NO PAIN whatsoever! I thank Dr. Ahed and I would recommend him to anyone! -William, Chicago, IL

Highest Quality Dental Service by D. Wright - 03/24/2011

  • The highest quality service! Clean, Caring, informative, and affordable. Thank you Dr Ahed for being a great Dentist! The 1st time I stepped into your office, I found it to be immaculate and I was impressed. As my appointments went on I got to know you better and I felt you were truly concerned about me. You took the time to explain in detail every procedure step by step. You were right up front with cost. Your chair side assistance and dental lab are the best I've ever seen!!! Thanks again! respectfully yours D. Wright

Conservative Dentist by Kevin A. - 03/10/2011

  • Doctor Ahed has been our family dentist for as long as I can remember and he has been doing a wonderful job of maintaining our teeth. I have had two fillings performed by Dr. Ahed who was assisted by his wife Mrs. Mosina and one thing I noticed which I was really happy about was the fact that he only removes a very little of the enamel being very careful to keep the tooth structure intact. I would call Dr. Ahed a conservative dentist meaning that he does not use his tools excessively like most dentists which causes unnecessary tooth loss but rather he very carefully and skillfully removes as little of the tooth as possible so that the tooth remains strong. And he finished off the job with nothing but the best filling which leaves me feeling confident when I bite into that juicy hamburger. Thank you for all of your hard work.

5 Stars by Anna S. - 02/24/2011

  • Dr. Ahed is an awesome dentist. I’ve had much work done from wisdom teeth extractions, crowns and two bridges. I have never had a problem with my crowns because he does such a perfect job sizing to fit, they feel like my own teeth. Just last evening I had a bridge placed. Beautiful job! I was so excited, I couldn’t stop smiling. My husband said how pretty my smile looks now. He just had an upper plate done and is very satisfied. When I needed a root canal, he explained everything using my x-ray slides. I didn’t feel any pain, making sure I was numb pretty well. Mrs. Ahed is his wonderful assistant, very caring and gentle, keeps everything sterile and ready for the doctor. I would never go to anybody else and would highly recommend him. Thanks so much for giving me my smile back.

Highly recommend by radzie425 - 07/28/2010:

  • Dr. Ahed has been my dentist for over 25 years and I highly recommend him. His hours are flexible and his work has been great. Over the years I've had him take care of routine cleanings, a bridge, crowns & root canals and have no complaints whatsoever about his work. (I wish I took better care of my teeth in my childhood so I could have avoided those root canals.)

Awesome Dentist!! by SP - 06/03/2010:

  • Dr. Ahed is very nice and friendly! He did my root canal and pulled my tooth within a few days. The pain came on all of the sudden and he saw me that day and took care of it. He does great work and his very willing to explain the procedures! I live an hour away from there but I dont mind the travel when I feel comfortable and relaxed! Plus Dr. Ahed is always on time!!!!I really liked him and would suggest everyone should go there!

Wonderful! by T Meeks - 08/13/2009:

  • My husband's wisdom tooth suddenly started hurting in the wee hours of the morning on Memorial Day. I sat down with the phone book to try to find anyone who was open. The few offices that answered said they would not see a new patient on a holiday. Dr. Ahed answered the phone personally and was able to see him immediately. My husband's tooth was extracted and Dr. Ahed and his staff to wonderul care of him. The follow up visits were also great. They are never behind schedule. We recommend this dentist very highly!

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